The Wind’s Wrath: A Golfer’s Nightmare or Dream Come True?

How did 40mph winds affect a crucial field goal attempt in 2005?

40mph winds wreak havoc on a field goal attempt, causing mixed feelings among fans. Was it a golfer’s nightmare or a dream come true?


  • Robbie Gould’s missed 39-yard field goal under 40mph winds becomes a source of comedy and debate.
  • Fans notice the wind almost knocking down Gould before the kick.
  • Mixed reactions on the impact of the wind on the game, with some finding humor in the situation.

Fan Reactions

Some fans chuckled at the sight of the wind almost toppling Gould during the kick, turning a sporting moment into a comedic highlight.

Debate on Wind’s Impact

While some fans saw the wind as an uncontrollable factor affecting the game, others found amusement in the unpredictable nature it brought to the match.

Defensive Congratulatory Actions

Observing coaches congratulating the defense despite the wind playing a significant role drove fans to question the acknowledgment of external factors on the game’s outcome.

Final Thoughts

As Robbie Gould’s field goal attempt under 40mph winds became a blend of sports drama and comedy, fans found themselves split on whether to blame the wind or embrace its whimsical influence on the game.