The Unfortunate Case of the Missing Scotty Cameron Head Cover at Bandon Dunes

A golfer’s heartbreaking experience at Bandon Dunes after losing a prized possession.

Someone stole a Scotty Cameron head cover at Bandon Dunes, and the Reddit community is outraged. The golfer expressed their frustration, wishing the thief bad luck on the course.


  • The theft of a head cover at Bandon Dunes sparked anger and disappointment among golfers.
  • Reddit users shared similar experiences of theft and bold actions on the golf course.
  • Offers of support and replacement head covers poured in, showcasing the camaraderie in the golfing community.

Outrage and Disbelief

NickRussell53 expressed shock at the incident, highlighting the presence of unpleasant individuals everywhere, even at renowned golf destinations like Bandon Dunes. The community shared his sentiment, appalled by the audacity of the thief.

Community Support

merc_amg offered to send a replacement head cover, demonstrating the generosity and kindness present within the golfing community.

Lessons Learned

ubjokin23 shared insights from working at a golf resort, revealing the bold and foolish actions some individuals exhibit on the course. This anecdote provided context to the unfortunate incident at Bandon Dunes.