The Underarm Serve Controversy: Kotov vs. Sinner

Check out the drama surrounding Kotov’s underarm serve against Sinner and the fans’ reactions.

When Kotov surprised everyone with an underarm serve against Sinner, the tennis world was abuzz with mixed reactions. Fans and experts alike couldn’t agree on whether it was a bold move or a disrespectful play.


  • Unexpected underarm serve leaves fans divided.
  • Spectacular return by Sinner has fans cheering.
  • Controversy sparks debate on sportsmanship and strategy.

Fans’ Reactions

Love Sinner nonchalantly returning for a winner, proving his skill and composure under pressure.

He just stood there after the serve, instead of getting in position for a return, leaving fans questioning his tactics.

Controversial Move

Tbh, I can’t stop watching this. The dude’s kit looks like the leftover skin of a dinosaur’s belly in Jurassic Park, adding a humorous take on the intense moment.

It was at this moment that he knew… he messed up, expressing the shock and excitement of the unexpected play.

Opinions Abound

First chubby guy I see on tour. Maybe there’s hope for me after all!! :), a fan finding humor and relatability in the players on the court.

F***ed around, found out. Why would you try it against someone so fast? Fans expressing disbelief and questioning Kotov’s decision against a quick opponent.

On clay? lol, a simple yet effective comment highlighting the unique choice of surface for the daring move.