The Ultimate Guide to Pickleball Paddle Handles for Tennis Elbow

Discover if the right pickleball handle can save you from tennis elbow!

Ever wondered how your pickleball paddle handle affects tennis elbow?


  • Check out Hesacore grips for possible relief from tennis elbow
  • Personalize grips like the user who made their own handle
  • Consider different handle sizes for better fit

Finding the Right Grip

Many users swear by Hesacore grips to alleviate their tennis elbow issues. These ergonomic grips seem to have gained popularity among pickleball players looking for comfort and performance. The recommendation to try these grips showcases a trend towards seeking solutions to common pickleball injuries.

DIY Approach

One user took matters into their own hands, quite literally, by creating a custom handle for their paddle. This hands-on approach highlights the level of personalization enthusiasts are willing to pursue to enhance their playing experience. It also reflects a creative solution to the quest for the perfect handle.

The Fit Factor

Another user pointed out the importance of having handles in various sizes to accommodate different hand shapes. This observation highlights the diversity in player preferences and physical attributes. The call for more variety in handle sizes demonstrates a growing demand for tailored equipment in the pickleball community.

Responding to concerns about tennis elbow, one user emphasized the significance of proper technique and grip. They suggested mimicking a tennis racquet handle for familiarity and comfort. This insight underscores the role of technique and comfort in preventing injuries during play.

The discussion on pickleball paddle handles reveals a range of opinions and experiences within the community. From DIY solutions to commercial grips, players are exploring various options to enhance their gameplay and address physical concerns. The diversity in preferences reflects the evolving nature of equipment choices in the sport, emphasizing the personalization and functionality players seek in their gear.