The Ultimate Golf and Racket Sports Blog – Unexpected Rivalries in College Football Revealed

Unraveling unexpected rivalries in college football that fans take seriously, from mascots to old memories.

College football fans are passionate about their rivalries and teams, but what happens when a team becomes your ‘unofficial’ rival? A Reddit post sparked a discussion on which team, outside of their school’s traditional rival, fans treat as a fierce competitor. Let’s dive into the unexpected rivalries that fans hold dear!


  • Even though not traditional rivals, fans often develop strong negative sentiments towards certain teams.
  • Personal biases and experiences play a significant role in fans treating non-rival teams as rivals.
  • Memorable moments or interactions can create lasting animosity towards specific teams.

Unexpected Rivalries

“Alabama. F**k Bama,” exclaimed one fan, showcasing the intense disdain fans can have for a non-rival team. The reasons behind this animosity can vary from team to team, rooted in mascot choices, names, or simply historical clashes.

Emotional Attachments

“Florida can go suck an egg,” vented a disgruntled fan, highlighting the emotional investment fans have in their perceived rivals. These strong emotions can stem from past encounters, personal dislikes, or even regional animosities.

Long-Standing Grudges

“Colorado. 30 years later and I’m still bitter and want them to lose every game,” confessed a devoted fan, illustrating how certain past events can create enduring grudges that transcend time.

The world of college football is filled with unexpected rivalries that add spice to the game and keep fans engaged. While not traditional, these rivalries show the depth of passion fans have for their teams, turning any matchup into a heated battle of pride and loyalty.