The Trials of Living on a Golf Course: A Buyer’s Regret or Ignorance?

Why would anyone buy a house on a golf course? Reddit users share hilarious insights!

Reddit users are baffled by a homeowner’s decision to purchase a property on a golf course. Let’s dive into the comical chaos of living next to the greens.


  • Living on a golf course comes with unforeseen challenges and hilarious mishaps.
  • Homeowners share stories of golf balls landing in their yards and even hitting their houses.
  • Some Reddit users question the wisdom of buying a property on a golf course, while others find humor in the situation.

Insightful Comments

Reddit users mock the decision of buying a house on a golf course. One user compares it to buying a property near a racetrack and then complaining about the noise levels, calling people ‘actual idiots.’

Another user doubts a homeowner’s claim of being hit six times in nine months, expressing skepticism about such incidents.

A resident living on a golf course shares their experiences of golf balls landing in their yard, emphasizing that it’s just a part of life on the course. They recount incidents of balls hitting their house and office window, highlighting the occasional hazards of living in such close proximity to the greens.

One Reddit user wonders why anyone would buy a house on a golf course, pointing out that it limits the enjoyment of the backyard due to potential hazards from golf balls.

Users’ Perspective

Several users find humor in the situation, suggesting that satellite views of golf courses often reveal houses crammed into small lots without much surrounding greenery. They speculate that the course was laid out first, leading to the inevitable construction of houses nearby.

A Reddit user shares a story of a golf course altering tee box placements due to complaints from a homeowner about balls landing in their yard. The user questions the logic of buying a house on a golf course, especially when such hazards are well-known.

One user humorously remarks on the correlation between wealth and intelligence, implying that buying a house on a golf course may not reflect the smartest decision-making.