The Southern Secession Realignment Concept – A Solution to FSU & Clemson Drama

Tensions rise as FSU and Clemson consider breaking away from the ACC in a realignment drama.

Last offseason, discussions on realignment sparked again, this time focusing on a Southern Secession Strategy for FSU and Clemson. Key stakeholders are evaluating a shift to gain more financial leverage and media value. Let’s dive into the details and reactions from the community.


  • The proposal outlines a strategic plan for FSU and Clemson to break away from the ACC for better financial opportunities.
  • ESPN’s reluctance to lose these key teams due to media obligations adds complexity to the situation.
  • Discussions include potentially forming a new conference, Coastal Plain Conference, with select schools.

Reactions from the Community

dlidge commented humorously, ‘Cocaine is a hell of a drug,’ expressing surprise at the unfolding drama. EMolinero shared differing views, highlighting uncertainties in the proposed strategy. urzu_seven questioned the inclusion of certain schools, emphasizing FSU and Clemson’s pivotal roles. LuckyStax raised concerns about team dynamics and potential conflicts within the new conference.

Insights and Speculations

Opinions on conference composition, media value, and school selections vary among enthusiasts. While some foresee challenges in execution, others point out potential roadblocks and benefits of the proposed realignment plan. The detailed breakdown highlights the intricacies involved in reshaping collegiate sports landscapes.

The Southern Secession Realignment Concept unveils a web of possibilities and challenges, setting the stage for an engaging narrative in the world of college sports.