The Roast of Tom Brady: Hilarious Moments and Unfiltered Commentary Revealed!

Check out the craziest moments from the live Roast of Tom Brady and see what fans had to say!

The live roast of Tom Brady on Netflix has sparked a frenzy of discussions and reactions from fans.


  • Roasters impressed viewers with their bold jokes and remarks.
  • Patriots fans found closure in the roast, reflecting on the team’s legacy.
  • Edelman’s comedic timing and delivery stole the show for many fans.
  • Fans are eager for unedited roasts to continue streaming on Netflix.

Brady’s Legacy

The roast provided closure for Patriots fans, offering a mix of hilarious barbs and sentimental reflections on the team’s history.

Standout Performances

Edelman’s comedic prowess and witty lines captured the audience, overshadowing some professional comedians.

Netflix’s Unfiltered Approach

Fans appreciated the raw and unedited nature of the live roast, hoping for more unfiltered content in the future.