The Rivalry Runs Deep: Golfers’ Forbidden Choices Revealed

Golfers reveal their rival-inspired refusals, from Gatorade to jean shorts. Find out what they won’t touch!

Golfers discuss their rival-inspired refusals, from clothing choices to beverage preferences. What items will they never buy or use because of their rivals?


  • Golfers revealed their aversions to specific brands and colors due to rivalry.
  • Some refuse to wear certain clothing items associated with their rivals.
  • Preferences extend to avoiding specific drinks and even historical preferences.

The Brightness: Not Just a Light Source

One user shared their refusal to wear dark red shirts with tan pants, citing a direct avoidance of a rival’s colors. This choice showcases the deep influence of ingrained team loyalties on personal choices.

WumbologistPHD: Bark but Don’t Bite

Another user expressed a whimsical desire to bark at children but refrains from doing so. This playful rivalry-inspired restraint exemplifies the fun and quirky nature of sports allegiances.

Opened_Padlock: Keeping it Real

A user confessed refusal to get tattoos on their face, an understandable choice regardless of sports rivalries. Additionally, navigating away from potential altercations demonstrates a broader sense of self-preservation.