The Risky Business of Spectating at Golf Tournaments: Homa’s Near Miss

Golf spectators discuss the danger of being in a player’s target line after a video of Homa’s shot near spectators goes viral.

After witnessing a close call at a recent golf tournament, spectators reflect on the hazards of being in a player’s target line.


  • Spectators acknowledge the potential danger of being in a player’s target line during a golf tournament.
  • Concerns are raised about the lack of safety measures in place to protect spectators from stray shots.
  • Members of the golf community debate the responsibility of both players and spectators in ensuring safety on the course.

Hazards of Spectating

Many users express their alarm at the lack of awareness regarding the risks of standing in a player’s target line, highlighting the potential fatal consequences of being hit by a golf ball.

Call for Safety Measures

Users call for stricter regulations and better safety protocols at golf tournaments to prevent incidents like the one captured in the video, emphasizing the need to prioritize spectator safety.

Shared Responsibility

Debates arise on who holds the responsibility in ensuring the safety of both players and spectators, with some urging for increased awareness and caution from all parties involved in the game.