The Range: A Sanctuary or a Circus?

A bizarre encounter at the driving range leads to laughter and astonishment among golfers.

Ever experienced a range meltdown? One Reddit golfer shares a wild encounter at the driving range with a psycho neighbor.


  • Witnessing a fellow golfer’s epic meltdown turns into a bizarre but captivating spectacle.
  • Users highlight the importance of wearing earbuds to avoid distractions at the range.
  • Comments reveal various strange encounters and behaviors at golf ranges.

Insane Behavior

A Reddit user describes an intense and vocal fellow golfer at the range who provided entertainment and disbelief to onlookers. The spectacle turned heads and garnered reactions from amused neighbors.

Range Oddities

Other users recount their encounters with peculiar individuals at the range, from self-talkers to club throwers, highlighting the range as a place of amusement and occasional chaos.

Different Strokes

Golfers discuss the range as a mix of serenity and madness, where both skilled players and erratic personalities coexist, creating a unique environment for all.