The Piezoelectric Groove

Had to share this new patent find by Dave Dawsey at the blog.  Shaft and clubhead adjustability are one thing, but what what about grooves? Nike recently filed a patent for a piezoelectric groove that can be varied in height through a grip button implant.  I hate to ask how much this little feature effects the swing weight of the club, so I won’t and just marvel at the people who come up with this stuff.  I’d be curious if the average player could even tell the difference.  Whatever sells?! Enjoy the patent drawings below, and little bit more detailed description.

“A golf club head which may include a golf club head body, a ball striking face and a piezoelectric member in the golf club head, wherein the piezoelectric member is configured to be selectively adjusted by an input provided through a controller operably connected to the piezoelectric member. Further, the piezoelectric member may be capable of having a first configuration to provide the golf club head body with a first attribute and may also be capable of having a second configuration to provide the body with a second attribute in response to the input provided by the controller. Further, the second attribute may be different from the first attribute.”

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