The PBJ and Banana Glizzy: Golf’s Next Big Thing or Major Foul Play?

Discover the PBJ and banana glizzy – a golf course snack sensation. Are golfers on board or teeing off against it?

Have you heard about the latest craze? Golfers on Reddit are buzzing about a new concoction called the PBJ and banana glizzy. Would you take a swing at it?


  • Golfers delight or disaster?
  • Hot dog bun madness
  • Unexpected flavor combos

Mixed Reactions

Some users are eager to try the PBJ and banana glizzy, intrigued by the blend of flavors and textures. Others are skeptical, questioning the choice of a hot dog bun as the vessel for this unique snack.

Daring Adventurers

One golfer remarked, ‘I’ve never thought of this and now I need to try it.’ The allure of the unconventional pairing seems to be drawing in adventurous eaters looking for a new on-course treat.

Critics Speak

However, not everyone is sold on the idea. One user expressed their doubt, stating, ‘Idk I eat this sandwich all the time with normal bread but something about it being a hot dog bun is a completely foul lol.’ The debate rages on!

Whether you’re a fan of bold flavor experiments or prefer to stick to traditional snacks, the PBJ and banana glizzy is causing quite a stir among golfers. Will you join the club and give it a shot, or is this culinary creation best left on the sidelines?