The Most Romantic (and Expensive) Places to Propose: A Guide to Major League Stadiums

Discover the cost of proposing at Major League Stadiums and the fans’ reactions to the prices.

Imagine popping the question at a Major League Stadium – romantic or ridiculous? Let’s dive into the costs and fans’ reactions to this unique proposal setting!


  • Yankees and Nationals top the charts in proposal costs.
  • Fans praise affordable options and criticize high prices.
  • Opinions vary from romantic to skeptical about stadium proposals.
  • Old post sparks reflections on current costs and changes.

Price vs. Romance

Some fans appreciate the romance of proposing in a stadium, while others see it as an overpriced gesture. The debate between sentiment and cost continues to fuel discussions in the MLB community.

Team Loyalty Matters

Supporters of different teams express contrasting views on proposal costs, with some feeling proud of their team’s accessibility, while others criticize the extravagance of certain franchises.

Nostalgia and Change

Reflecting on the past, fans ponder how prices have evolved over the years and speculate on whether the proposals are still as popular as before.