The Most Outlandish Player Evaluations in Football History

From comparing players to legends to hilarious metaphors, these player evaluations are pure comedy gold. Dive in!

Football coaches and GMs have a habit of making outlandish player evaluations that leave fans scratching their heads. Reddit users shared some of the most bizarre assessments in the game’s history. Let’s take a look at some of these wild claims!


  • Bill Walsh thought Rick Mirer would be the next Joe Montana.
  • Hue Jackson dubbed Baker Mayfield the “Pied Piper of Oklahoma football.”

    Rick Mirer – The Next Joe Montana?

    Many couldn’t believe when Bill Walsh declared Rick Mirer as the next Joe Montana. Fans rolled their eyes at this comparison, calling it absurd and ludicrous.

    Baker Mayfield – The Pied Piper?

    Hue Jackson’s comparison of Baker Mayfield to the legendary Pied Piper had users in stitches. They found it hilarious and questioned Jackson’s sanity.

    Mitch Trubisky – The Next Drew Brees?

    Ryan Pace’s comparison of Trubisky to Drew Brees raised eyebrows. Fans criticized Pace’s evaluation, stating it was a stretch and devoid of reality.

    Final Thoughts

    Football history is filled with laughable player evaluations that defy logic. Coaches and GMs sometimes miss the mark with their comparisons, leading to entertainment for fans worldwide.