The Most Exciting Golfers Of All Time

Golf is, admittedly, a pretty boring game. It’s much more exciting to watch sports such as basketball or football as compared to seeing grown men playing with sticks and balls in oversized gardens. However, there are a group of players that will come along and change the game so that watching golf will become much more fun and interesting. Here are some of the most exciting golfers of all time.

Tiger Woods is surely one of the most well known golfers in the world. He may also be one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, comparable to Michael Jordan or Hulk Hogan in redefining the sport as we know it. Winning his first major at just 22 and at the first year of his professional career, Woods has won 79 PGS Tour events, the highest in history, and is currently the youngest golfer to win a Career Grand Slam. Add to that his various product endorsements and much publicized personal life, and Tiger Woods is definitely on the shortlist of the must watch golfers around.

Another exciting golfer to watch is Greg Norman. Known as the Great White Shark, Norman has been known for his very aggressive style of play and his domination of other golfers with regards to his long drives prior to the advancement of equipment. Greg Norman’s name is also very visible when it comes outside the green, as he has ventured into designing courses, real estate, wines, investment, as well as his own clothing line.

One of the most exciting golfers in the early years of the sport was Bobby Jones. Although he never played professionally, Jones was known as an amazing golfer that has been some of the professional greats in his prime. He also participated in the first Masters tournaments, albeit not as an actual competitor, and was a key component in turning the event into the spectacle that it is today. Although not a full time competitor and with a career shortened by poor health, Bobby Jones has been hailed as one of the greats in the sport.

Ben Hogan is also one of the most watched golfers in the past era, and is largely considered as one of the best ball strikers in history. In fact, many golfers follow his style of movement from posture to swing as a template for their own respective styles. Those who have watched Hogan play his way through ten major championships throughout his career are more interested in discovering the secret of his strokes more than anything else. Despite a 1949 accident that nearly crippled him, Hogan was still able to win events and cement his status as one of the most exciting and interesting golfers to watch.

Lastly, Jack Nicklaus is another golfer that can be described as exciting, and many would also consider him to be the best of all time. One of the most accomplished golfers of all time, The Golden Bear has won more championships than anyone else, and he also holds the distinction of being the oldest Masters tournament winner at the age of 46. Nicklaus played his last professional match in 2005 at the age of 65, and the crowd gave him a rousing standing ovation, cementing his legacy and status as one of the most exciting golfers of all time.


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  1. I always enjoyed watching Seve ballesteros and Greg Norman. They were great entertainers and were always exciting to watch.

    In the modern game I like watching Adam Scott and Tiger Woods. They are true professionals and play the game aggressively.

  2. Tiger is a no brainer but you have to throw Phil into the mix as well. When he gets hot it is something impressive to watch. I always find players like Bubba Watson are also exciting to watch with all of the creativity that they bring to the game with their shot shaping, etc.

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