The Inside Scoop: Country Club Membership Costs Revealed by Reddit Golfers

Reddit golfers spill the beans on how much it costs to belong to a country club and what it takes to join.

Ever wondered how much it costs to be a member of a country club and what it takes to join? Reddit golfers have the answers you’re looking for. Read on to find out the inside scoop on country club membership costs!


  • Golfers reveal their yearly salaries and membership fees for country clubs.
  • Initiation fees, monthly dues, and additional expenses vary widely based on location and club features.
  • Some golfers find great value in country club memberships, while others find them too expensive.
  • Factors like age, job, location, and family situation influence the decision to join a country club.

Golfers’ Financial Insights

Some golfers, like Troutman86, with higher salaries, find country club memberships affordable. Others, like tenderooskies, feel priced out due to high initiation fees and monthly costs.

Membership Value

Golfers like mattyhawk15 see country club membership as a great decision, citing benefits like social connections and family activities. Others, like ffsux, envy the affordability of private golf in certain regions.

Reflecting on Costs

Golfers with varying incomes, such as lifevicarious and Better_Than_Most_94, examine the cost of membership in relation to their salaries and playing frequency, highlighting the personal value they derive from their clubs.