The Hilarious Tale of a Golfer Tracking Shots in a Notebook

Join us in a laugh as we explore how a golfer’s meticulous shot-tracking methods bring amusement.

Ever wonder what would happen if you track every golf shot in a notebook? Well, one golfer did, and let’s just say, laughter ensued.


  • Pro golfer tracks every shot in a notebook, leading to amusement.
  • Users compare the golfer’s attention to detail to Tiger Woods.
  • Discussion sparks around grips and weights in club shafts.

User Reactions

Reddit users shared their amusement at the golfer’s dedication to shot tracking, contrasting it with professional oversight.

Club Grips and Weights

Speculation arose about the golfer’s grips, with users joking about weight placements and their impact on performance.

Personal Anecdotes

One user shared a funny fishing incident, relating it to the golfer’s oversight, highlighting the humor in forgetfulness.

It’s clear that the golfer’s unique habit sparked joy and laughter among the Reddit golf community.