The Great Golf Club Cleaning Debate: How Often is Too Often?

Discover how often golfers clean their clubs and why it’s a hot topic in the golf community.

Do you clean your golf clubs often enough? That’s the question on every golfer’s mind.


  • Some golfers clean after every shot, while others save it for special occasions.
  • Weekly cleaning seems to be a popular choice among the community.
  • Debates arise on how often grips should be cleaned compared to club faces.

Regular Maintenance

For some, it’s a ritual to clean clubs after every shot, ensuring peak performance. Others opt for less frequent cleaning, citing efficiency.

Grip Concerns

Golfers debate the necessity of frequent grip cleaning, with opinions divided on its impact on playability.

Cleaning Habits

From weekly maintenance to biannual cleanings, golfers have unique approaches to club care.

The discussion over club cleaning frequency remains contentious, with each golfer sticking to their preferred routine.