The Great Debate: Male Drink Cart Guy on the Golf Course

Ever wondered about a drink cart guy on the golf course? Let’s dig into this hot topic!

Have you ever come across a drink cart guy on the golf course? Let’s explore the buzz around this controversial topic.


  • Male drink cart attendants are rare but can be refreshing.
  • Golf courses may benefit from having a mix of male and female attendants for sales.
  • Communities vary in their acceptance of male drink cart servers.
  • Some regions like Australia commonly employ both male and female attendants.
  • Golfers Speak Out

    Although rare, male drink cart attendants have left an impression on the golfing community. One golfer shared, “I’ve seen it. Pretty rare tho. I’ve was chatting with a course GM years ago who said that girls bring in literally 10x the sales that a guy does on the course” (Shot-Dark7635).

    On the other hand, some players appreciate the diversity male attendants bring. Bobbyoot47 remarked, “I would think if a golf course is running a rather large ladies night it might not be a bad idea to have some guy in his early to mid 20s handling the cart. Like what the hell!”

    Global Perspectives

    Noteworthy is the international perspective on this matter. A reddit user from Australia mentioned, “Very common in Australia. Most courses just alternate course staff on the drinks/food cart, sometimes it’s a woman, sometimes a man” (johnnc1991).

    Personal Anecdotes

    Golfers also shared personal experiences with male drink cart attendants. Turbo1518 reminisced, “I was our golf course’s first Bert Cart Guy back in 2008. We never had a full-time male beer cart driver, or even bartender, while I was there but we would cover shifts throughout the year when needed”.

    Overall, the presence of male drink cart attendants raises varying opinions within the golfing community, with some valuing the diversity they bring and others sticking to traditional norms.