The Great Bunker Dilemma: Why Maintaining Bunkers is a Constant Battle in Golf

Discover the secrets behind the struggle of maintaining bunkers and the challenges faced by golf courses.

Why do golf courses struggle with maintaining bunkers? Let’s dig into the sandy situation.


  • Drainage and soil composition play a crucial role in bunker maintenance.
  • Quality sand can be expensive, affecting bunker conditions.
  • Staffing costs and budget allocation impact bunker upkeep.
  • New technologies like the Better Billy Bunker system offer solutions for longevity.

The Drainage Dilemma

Proper drainage is vital for bunker maintenance. The soil composition and water retention properties can drastically affect bunker conditions. Clay soils or inadequate drainage systems lead to water accumulation, turning bunkers into mud pits, disrupting playability.

The Sand Struggle

The quality of sand used in bunkers is crucial. Expensive, fine sand prevents contamination and compaction, providing a better playing surface. However, cost constraints often lead to the use of cheaper alternatives, impacting the overall bunker quality.

The Budget Battle

Staffing costs and budget allocation are significant factors in bunker upkeep. Courses face challenges in balancing maintenance tasks, with resources often prioritized for the primary playing surfaces. Golfers’ participation in bunker maintenance, like raking, is essential for preserving bunker conditions.

Ultimately, the struggle to maintain bunkers reflects the constant battle between resource allocation and player expectations in the golf industry.