The Great Backhand Debate: One-Handed vs. Two-Handed in Tennis

The battle of the backhands – Are one-handers a dying art in tennis?

Delve into the heated debate surrounding one-handed and two-handed backhands in tennis. From the era of 1HBH dominance to the rise of 2HBH, find out why fans are at odds over the best backhand technique in the game.


  • Is the one-handed backhand a dying art in tennis?
  • Comparing the strengths of 1HBH and 2HBH on different playing surfaces.
  • Will we see another all-time great with a one-handed backhand?

The Classic Duel: 1HBH vs. 2HBH

The debate rages on as fans argue the merits of one-handed versus two-handed backhands in tennis. While the 1HBH is praised for its elegance and finesse, the 2HBH is lauded for its power and stability. The battle of tradition versus modernity continues to divide the tennis community.

The Evolution of Backhand Techniques

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a shift from one-handed to two-handed backhands dominating the professional circuit. Players like Federer and Wawrinka showcased the beauty of the one-hander, but as the game becomes more physical and baseline-oriented, the two-hander seems to have the upper hand.

A Changing Landscape

With the likes of Djokovic and Thiem excelling with their two-handed backhands, fans wonder if we’ll ever see another legendary player with a one-handed backhand. The evolution of tennis techniques reflects the changing trends in the sport, leaving traditionalists nostalgic for the days of graceful one-handed backhands.