The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Golf Course Behavior

From loud music to leaving garbage on the green, here’s what truly grinds golfers’ gears.

Author hippopalace raised the question of what constitutes trashy behavior on the golf course, sparking a flurry of responses…


  • Golfers abhor loud music on the course for its disruption of the serene environment.
  • Deliberately hitting balls into homes and unsolicited coaching are major no-nos.
  • Leaving garbage on the course, not fixing pitch marks, and talking loudly near tee boxes are pet peeves.

Music to Golfers’ Ears?

Golfers unanimously detest the intrusion of loud music on the course as it shatters the tranquility…

Hit and Miss

Trash Talk

The diverse range of behaviors, from unsolicited coaching to improper cart use, showcases the spectrum of experiences golfers encounter on the course