The Future of Running Bibs: Say Goodbye to Pins and Paper

Runners are seeking alternatives to paper bibs and pins in races, but what will the future hold?

Runners around the world are questioning the traditional use of paper bibs and pins in races. As technology advances, many are seeking alternatives that are more convenient and efficient. Let’s dive into the Reddit discussion to explore the sentiments and solutions proposed by fellow enthusiasts.


  • Runners are eager for innovative solutions to replace paper bibs and pins in races.
  • Various alternatives such as adhesive bibs, magnets, clips, and belts have been suggested by the running community.
  • The debate revolves around the functionality, security, and convenience of different bib attachment methods.
  • While traditional paper bibs serve multiple purposes, there is a growing interest in exploring modern technologies for race identification.

Adhesive Bibs and Magnets

Some runners advocate for adhesive bibs as a hassle-free alternative to traditional pins. Adhesive bibs offer a secure attachment without the need for pins, ensuring a comfortable race experience. Magnets have also been proposed as a convenient way to affix race numbers, allowing for easy removal and reuse.

Race Bib Accessories

The running community has experimented with a range of accessories such as clips and belts to replace conventional pins. These accessories provide practical solutions for attaching bibs to apparel, catering to different preferences and requirements.

Security and Functionality

While the convenience of alternative bib attachment methods is appealing, some runners emphasize the importance of security and functionality in race identification. Paper bibs serve as a multi-functional tool for race organizers, offering essential information and emergency contact details.

As runners seek modern alternatives to paper bibs and pins, the debate continues on striking a balance between convenience and functionality in race identification. The future of running bibs may see a blend of traditional and innovative solutions to enhance the race experience for all participants.