The Future of Inside the NBA: Will Ernie Johnson Stay with Turner?

Will Ernie Johnson remain at Turner? Fans express concerns over future of Inside the NBA.

Fans are worried about the future of Inside the NBA as rumors swirl about Ernie Johnson’s potential departure from Turner.


  • Fans express sadness as Ernie Johnson’s departure may impact Inside the NBA’s dynamic.
  • Talks of Turner losing NBA rights spark concerns about the show’s future.
  • Speculations arise around the impact of Ernie Johnson leaving on the show’s chemistry.

Tribute to Ernie Johnson

Fans reminisce about EJ’s longstanding presence at Turner and how it has shaped the show’s identity over the years. They express nostalgia and appreciation for his contributions.

Fears of a Future Without EJ

Concerns mount as fans worry about the potential changes in the show’s format and chemistry if Ernie Johnson were to depart. The thought of Inside the NBA without EJ evokes mixed emotions among viewers.

Turner’s Crucial Decision

Speculations surrounding Turner’s decision to retain Ernie Johnson highlight the importance of his role in the show’s success. Fans emphasize the need for continuity to preserve the essence of Inside the NBA.

The future of Inside the NBA hangs in the balance as fans await official announcements regarding Ernie Johnson’s tenure at Turner. The show’s loyal viewers express their concerns and hopes for the iconic program’s continued success.