The Drama Unfolds: Rodrigo Schlegel Red Card and In-Stadium VAR Chaos

Find out why fans are torn over the controversial red card decision that shook the stadium.

There was chaos in the stadium when Rodrigo Schlegel received a red card, leaving fans divided over the decision.


  • Emotions run high as the VAR decision stirs controversy.
  • Fans question Pareja’s management as Schlegel stays on despite the call.
  • The in-stadium VAR announcement surprises and entertains attendees.


“I lost my shit when the announcement went against ‘the purple team’.” – ruwisc

“Pareja continuing to play Schlegel should in itself be a fireable offense.” – Brooklyn_MLS


What did fans think of Elfath’s voice during the announcement? It was unexpected, to say the least.


“I LOVE these NFL style announcements. That’s a very welcome change.” – AlmoschFamous

“Elfath is no Bill Kennedy, that’s for sure. I expect him to work on his delivery.” – sumredditguy

The crowd’s reaction to the red card and VAR announcement showcased a mix of frustration, amusement, and skepticism. The dynamics of such intense moments make sports truly unpredictable and entertaining. In the end, it’s these controversies and surprises that keep fans coming back for more, adding to the thrill and drama of the game.