The Divot Dilemma: A Range Conundrum

Join the hilarious conversation about golf range etiquettes and divots in this Reddit post.

When a sign at the range dictates divot placement, golfers respond hilariously. From perfect divots to massive chunks, the humor tees off.


  • Golfers react to a range sign directing divot patterns with wit and sarcasm.
  • Comments showcase a range of experiences, from straight lines to messy chunks.
  • The debate on etiquette, mat vs. grass, and range conditions adds a fun twist.
  • Humor prevails as golfers share their mishaps and insights on range protocols.

Divot Drama

Golfers joke about the challenge of keeping divots orderly when hitting at the range. Some achieve perfection, while others create chaotic patterns that amuse onlookers.

Etiquette Enigma

The discussion extends to range etiquette, with players sharing diverse views on respecting the designated hitting areas and keeping the turf tidy.

Mat vs. Grass

Opinions vary on the preference between hitting off mats or grass, with some lamenting the lack of grassy ranges for a more authentic experience.

Range Realities

Players reflect on the disparity between the ideal range setup depicted in the post and the sometimes less-than-perfect conditions they encounter in reality.

From divot dilemmas to mat debates, the range banter captures the humor and camaraderie that define the golfing community. As golfers share their stories and opinions, the diversity of experiences at the range shines through. Whether pristine divots or comically chunky ones, each shot adds to the colorful tapestry of the golfing world, reminding players that even in the pursuit of perfection, laughter and camaraderie reign supreme.