The Dark Side of Day Games: How Night Games Have Shaped the Chicago Cubs’ Fate

Discover how the absence of night games impacted the Chicago Cubs and their historical performance.

In a revealing analysis, a lifelong Cubs fan delves into whether the lack of night games hindered the Chicago Cubs’ success over the years. From late-season collapses to the impact of playing in the scorching Chicago weather, this study sheds light on a hidden aspect of the Cubs’ history.


  • The Cubs’ delayed adoption of night games likely contributed to their late-season collapses.
  • Playing day games in the summer heat may have worn down the players, affecting their performance.
  • An analysis of game data from 1906 to 2023 reveals a significant relationship between game timing and win percentages.
  • The study suggests that playing the full complement of night games may benefit the Cubs in the long run.

The Cubs’ Silent Struggle

One Reddit user commended the author’s extensive research effort, highlighting the need to explore correlations with other teams like the Red Sox and Cleveland to uncover further insights into the impact of night games on performance.

The Revenue Dilemma

Another user pointed out the financial implications for the Cubs during the era without night games, emphasizing how revenue from weekday games and WGN’s superstation status played a crucial role in the team’s fortunes.

The Lingering Effects

A Reddit user speculated on the enduring effects of the Cubs’ late adoption of night games, suggesting a possible link between this historical decision and the team’s struggles in attracting marquee free agents over the years.

The analysis reveals a nuanced story behind the Cubs’ performance, highlighting the multifaceted influences that shaped the team’s trajectory. By considering the impact of night games on player fatigue and late-season performance, the study provides valuable insights into the Cubs’ historical challenges and opportunities for future success.