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The 7 Steps Every Backswing Should Have: Arms & Shoulders Act Together

You’ve heard it before, but do you really understand how a simple concept like the ‘triangle-setup’ can set the stage for your entire swing. This simple setup visualization, is something you can see in any professional’s swing, its universal – and who are you to mess with the universe? so in short, your swing better have it.

The triangle is formed between your arms, wrists and shoulders. The triangle isn’t perfectly level, as your leading shoulder should always be raised slightly at address. Interestingly, the quality of the triangle is inconsequential, however, what matter is simply that the triangle is retained for the first quarter of your backswing. There should be no break in your wrists at address, either forward or backwards, and when viewed front on, there should be close* to a straight line from your lead shoulder down to the ball. Also, when it comes to what club you’re using, you’ll notice (in the picture above) that the triangle remains pretty much unchanged.

*The word close is used loosely here.

When it comes to this first move away from the ball, you may be surprised to learn that your hands and wrists don’t initiate any of it. The first move back from the ball actually starts with the shifting and turning of your body away from the ball as you begin your weight shift to begin the backswing. If you did try to initiate your swing with your arms and wrists, the result would severely disrupt the rhythm and timing of your swing, and will ultimately drain your swing from its ability to naturally generate power.

This triangle is retained until approximately 8:00 in the backswing, and at this point your trailing arms begins to break at the elbow. If your swing breaks down before this, its usually caused by your shoulders remaining motionless on the backswing, which then forces your arms to break earlier than required. If you can make your arms behave as a unit from address to 8:00 in your backswing, you’ll be well on your way to making the perfect backswing.

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