Undoubtedly The 5 Most Unpopular Golf Gifts This Christmas

It’s inevitable. This holiday season millions of golfers the world over will be receiving golf related gifts that they’ll feign excitement upon receiving, only to have them thrown in their “golf crap” box in the basement, never to see the light of day again. Trust us, it’s not your fault, you tried, and we appreciate that, but most of us golfers are picky, and we just like what we like. If you’re reading this post, you’re either looking for last minute gift ideas, or you’re the golfer who can likely relate to what I’m about to say. With that said, enjoy our list of the most unpopular gifts golfers are going to receive this Christmas (and what you should have bought instead).

5) Ball Retrievers

DO NOT BUY US A GOLF BALL RETRIEVER. I want to make this loud and clear. This gift would be closer to number one if it was purchased more often, but this is one gift every good golfer despises. We’re good enough players that they rarely come in handy, and the last thing we’d want to do after hitting a ball in the water is to shamefully try to fish it out in front of the guys. If we hit a golf ball in a lake, its as good as gone in our books, we don’t want to even think about it, we’ll drop another ball and move on. Yes it’s a pride thing… so don’t break ours. If you’re looking for a golf related gift for the golfer that has everything, go with a golf gift certificate, a pre-paid round at a nice golf course, or a Groupon deal to a good course. Make sure you ask some ‘real’ golfers about what makes a good course before purchasing.

4) Headcovers

If this is on your list, cross it off immediately! If it’s iron headcovers, be sure to burn whatever piece of paper you wrote it on as well. Its not the 1980’s anymore, the days of matching headcovers are long over, so please, oh, please do not buy me any. Today’s golfers generally like to show off the clubs they have in their bag and on the same token we like to see what other golfers are playing. If we buy a nice set of clubs or a new driver, we want to show them off and encourage some ‘club-envy’ among our peers. For the golfer ashamed of his golf clubs, you may be doing them a favour, but for the majority of us, we’re proud of our clubs and the last thing we want to do is hide them underneath a hideous sock. So, what should you get instead? Go to golf store, and buy a solid colored brand name golf shirt (without a course logo). Most brand name shirts from the major suppliers like Ashworth, Nike, Callaway, Adidas are pretty good, the Adidas ClimaLite and Nike DriFit are great.

3) Non-Wooden Golf Tees

Stocking stuffers are great! We love them, but when it comes to golf tees, don’t try to get creative. For any serious golfer, pulling a golf tee out of their bag that’s any color other than white, black and/or wooden, is basically a faux pas amongst their golfing peers. Biodegradable? Awesome, throw them in the golf crap box. Plastic? Great, throw them out. Brush Tees? Thanks we’ll say, while trying not to laugh. No matter what the box may say about how these new tees are going to improve my game, we know better. No golf tee is going to truly make a difference. So what kind of stocking stuffer can I get? Wooden white tees are great, golf gift certificates are good, fitted brand name (not golf course logoed) hats are perfect, Bushnell/high-end rangefinders are a dream come true.

2) Course Towels

St.Andrews… Pebble Beach…. US Open… or just your local golf course, no matter what towel you get, unless you picked up from the course itself, its unlikely to make it on our golf bag. These towels are a dime a dozen, and frankly are tacky, and too small to do much good on the course. We likely already have 5 or so in our basement, and the ones we do have are of courses we’ve played ourselves. There’s a general rule of thumb for these towels, you can proudly wear them on your bag if you’re proud to say you played the course. We do like golf towels though, but they generally need to be bigger – like the size of hotel towel, and softer – if you’re searching they are usually called “tour golf towels”.

1) Distance Golf Balls

We know they’re cheap, we know you probably got two cases for $20, and we know they’re white, round, and have dimples… but not all golf balls are the same. This made #1 on our list, because it is easily the most commonly purchased golf gift. I know I’ve received hundreds.

If you buy any reasonable golfer golf balls that cost under $20 for a dozen, they’ll likely be re-gifted next year, never to see the light of day, or “accidentally” left behind on the range. These gifts are perfect for the golfer that can’t break 100, and their idea of ‘golfing’ is their once-a-year company scramble tournament. If you’re buying for anyone other than above, you should really ask around to see what they like to play with first. Most solid golfers prefer balls that have softer covers and spin. These golf balls generally will cost you $35-$50 a dozen. Seems expensive, right? Yes, they are, but they will be appreciated, and used on the course. Trust us. Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are always a safe bet for any big golf fan.
We know we only scratched the surface of the worst golf gifts out there, and we’d love to hear of some of the gifts you’ve received over the years. Share your worst golf gifts below, and help steer anyone seeing this post who’s looking for that ‘perfect golf gift’ in the right direction.

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