Tensei CK Blue Golf Shaft

MRC Golf Launches the new brand of Tensei Shafts, to now sit side by side with some other popular shaft brands such as Kuro Kage, Diamana, Fubuki & Bassara to name a few. The word Tensei in Japanese means “transformation” in English. It’s major difference from typical shafts is the amount of different materials it contains. While most shafts contain three to six different materials, the new Tensei line will feature 11 different prepreg materials, most notably the introduction of a new Carbon Fibre/Kevlar weave. Yes folks, your golf shafts are now bulletproof!

This shaft features the carbon Fibre/Kevlar woven shaft, that has the MRC Carbon fibre strategically placed near the hands for added strength and stability. It is said to help maintain a consistent feel throughout the shaft as well. These shafts are made with high-quality ultra-light materials to save on weight and help speed up swing speeds. They also use the LRC technology which basically reduces the amount of resin required to glue the shaft together and helps increase the density of carbon fibres within the shaft for additional stability, consistency and control throughout the swing – no matter your swing type.

The first model in this new line is the CK Blue. Its bend profile is very similar to another popular MRC Golf Brand, the Diamana S+. The main difference being a slightly softer butt, stiffer upper mid-section followed by a slightly softer mid and tip section. This kevlar weave is on the butt section of the shaft which gives it its unique profile. This new profile is said to continue to produce the same mid-launch with its mid kick point, but with a mid to low spin rate.


Shaft Name Flex Length (in) Weight (g) Tip O.D. (in) Tip Length (in) Butt O.D. (in) Torque (degrees) Kick Pt.
TENSEI™ CK Blue 50 L 46.0 50 0.335 3.0 0.598 6.5 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 50 A 46.0 53 0.335 3.0 0.602 6.4 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 50 R 46.0 54 0.335 3.0 0.602 5.6 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 50 S 46.0 57 0.335 3.0 0.606 5.5 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 50 X 46.0 60 0.335 3.0 0.610 5.4 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 60 R 46.0 64 0.335 3.0 0.610 4.6 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 60 S 46.0 67 0.335 3.0 0.614 4.5 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 60 X 46.0 70 0.335 3.0 0.618 4.4 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 70 R 46.0 73 0.335 3.0 0.636 4.0 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 70 S 46.0 76 0.335 3.0 0.640 4.0 MID
TENSEI™ CK Blue 70 X 46.0 78 0.335 3.0 0.642 3.9 MID

Below is the bend profile:

Shafts will be retailing in the US for approximately $250. Stay tuned for more details, or check their website at

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