TaylorMadeGolf P790 and P770 Aged Copper Irons: Is the Price Worth the Glam?

Get ready to swing in style with the all-new TaylorMadeGolf P790 and P770 Aged Copper irons at $1499.99 USD.

Golfers are buzzing about the exquisite TaylorMadeGolf P790 and P770 Aged Copper irons priced at $1499.99 USD. Let’s dive into the Reddit frenzy and see if these new irons are truly worth the hype!


  • Opinions are divided on the high price point of the irons.
  • Players love the aesthetic appeal of the aged copper finish.
  • Some express concerns about potential wear and tear of the new design.

Price vs. Glam

Golf enthusiasts are torn between drooling over the stunning Aged Copper irons and wincing at the hefty price tag. While some see it as an investment in style and quality, others are quick to point out that the cost might not align with the perceived value.

Fashionable Fade

The consensus seems to be that the Aged Copper finish adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the irons. Players appreciate the aesthetic upgrade and the potential for these irons to stand out on the course.

Wear and Tear Worries

Amidst the excitement, there are valid concerns about the durability of the new finish. Golfers are questioning whether the Aged Copper irons will age gracefully or succumb to wear and tear, similar to previous black-finished models.