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TaylorMade Stage 2 RBZ Tour Hybrid Review

Hi everyone, with spring right around the corner, you’re likely itching to hit the range and start swinging, much like myself.  Hopefully the snow storm in the northeast didn’t dampen your spirits too bad.  Today we’re going to share with you a review of the TaylorMade Stage 2 RBZ Tour Hybrid from our independent reviewer.  As you will read, this club left a little to be desired.  Enjoy the review, and read about the non-Tour version in a new post in a couple of days.


rbx-stage-two-hybrid-reviewThe new TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour Hybrid is almost identical in club head size to the previous RBZ hybrid.  It also maintains the white crown and black club face.  Similar to the regular Stage 2 hybrid, the sole is a combination of black and white with a gray and yellow trim.  The speed pocket remains just behind the club face with a weight port positioned just behind the chamber.

TaylorMade updated the white crown to include a grey stripe with yellow trim that runs across the top of the club head.  Visually, it attracts the eye forward to the club face, but seems a little unnecessary and over-the-top.  The design is slightly more square and shallow than the previous RBZ hybrid.  The RocketFuel shaft is all black with yellow and grey trim.


The lower and forward center of gravity in the TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour Hybrid is designed to produce a higher launch, low spin, faster ball speed and more distance.  I tested the TaylorMade Stage 2 RBZ Tour 3 – 18.5 degree hybrid with a stiff flex RocketFuel 80 gram shaft.  The club was tested in 4 positions, standard, upright, +1.5 degrees and – 1.5 degrees.

In the standard position, shots were high and straight or slight fade.  Switching to the upright position produced a lower ball flight than the standard position, but still delivered a fade.  Switching the position to the 20 degree setting (+1.5 degree) produced a higher ball flight, however, adding the extra loft probably made the club a little more forgiving and produced mostly straight shots.  Surprisingly, the 17 degree setting (-1.5 degrees) produced the best results.  Shots were typically straight or slight draw with a mid to high ball flight.

Overall, results produced a high launch and ball flight.  Ball flight often ballooned and forgiveness was average, I had sort of mixed feeling about this club after the tests, I wasn’t sold.  A number of shots missed the target and produced an unwanted fade or slice.


The Stage 2 RBZ Tour hybrid sets up nice at address and feels comfortable with the heavier 80 gram shaft.  Impact feels great with a crisp ‘ping’ sound.  Unfortunately, I felt the TaylorMade Stage 2 RBZ Tour hybrid felt much better at impact than it performed. At impact, every ball felt solid, like it should fly straight and long, but for the most part, this wasn’t the result.  I much preferred the feel over other hybrids such as the regular RBZ Stage 2 hybrid and Titleist 913H, but again, the other hybrids produced better results.


Players will enjoy the ability to manipulate the club with 7 different settings and personalize the club for individual preference.  The higher launch and ball flight will benefit some players.  In my opinion, I have hit other hybrids that outperform the Stage 2 RBZ Tour.  Impact feels really smooth.  The TaylorMade Stage 2 RBZ Tour Hybrid retails for $229.99 which is $30 more than the regular Stage 2 RBZ hybrid.  While the RBZ Stage 2 Tour is supposedly RocketBallz-IER, personally I didn’t see it on the range for this review.  I’d recommend testing out both the RBZ Stage 2 and RBZ Stage 2 Tour if you’re interested in this club, you may find, much like I did, that the non-tour version is just as good, if not better.

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  1. I’m on the look out for a new hybrid and like the look of this one, unfortunately i tend to hit the ball high anyway, so this might not be the right option for me! I might take a look at the Titleist 913H though!

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