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TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron Review

How’s it going everyone.  Today we’re sharing with you an independent review of the TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron. While Tayloremade is definitely redefining the word “blade” with these irons, as you will read, our reviewer was definitely a fan and the custom shaft options available.  Stay tuned for the Tour iron review soon.  Let’s get to it.


The TaylorMade RocketBladez upgraded appearance differs from the previous RocketBallz irons.  The RocketBladez feature a speed pocket, visible on the sole in the 3 through 7 iron.  The speed pocket is said to be responsible for consistently higher ball speeds and more distance.  The sole average in size and appears slightly narrower than its predecessor  the top line is also almost identical.  The cavity of the iron features an athletic appearance with the grey, black and yellow stripe behind the toe.  While the RBZ iron was very solid, the RocketBladez provides a fresh appearance for players of all ability levels.


rocket-bladez-iron-reviewI tested the TaylorMade RocketBladez iron with a 3 different shafts.  The most obvious performance factor tied to these irons is the introduction of more distance a much higher ball flight regardless of shaft type.  Making the irons even more valuable, ball flight generally straightens out on miss hits.  The irons are very easy to hit for players of all skill levels, despite being made nearly a club stronger across the board.

In general, the RocketBladez irons launched higher and produced a higher ball flight in comparison to the RocketBladez Tour.  The trajectory was higher than anything tested so far this year.  In addition, the RocketBladez irons seemed to fly farther than the RocketBladez Tour.  Most importantly, despite a towering ball flight, the ball did not balloon.  Rather, it produced consistent results time after time.  Match the correct shaft with the RocketBladez head and you’ve got a damn good set of irons.  For beginners and mid-amateurs, these irons can really help take your game to a new level.

Shaft Testing: Graphite RocketFuel

The stock graphite RockeFuel shaft will benefit many players.  I tested a stiff shaft with 3 degrees of torque.  The RocketFuel weighs 65 grams and is designed to produce a high trajectory.  Indeed, the graphite RocketFuel produced the highest and farthest shots of the three shafts tested.  It launched high, flew higher and traveled about 15 yards longer than the RocketBladez Tour iron.  The towering ball flight produced shots that barely flew off line.  In addition to long, it is extremely forgiving.  If you are looking for distance this is your shaft and club combination.

Shaft Testing: RocketFuel 85 Steel 

The other stock shaft available for the RocketBladez is the RocketFuel 85.  I tested a stiff RocketFuel shaft with 1.7 degrees of torque.  The stock steel RocketFuel shaft weighs 85 grams and produces a flighted trajectory.  However, the RocketFuel shaft still produced a higher ball flight than the KBS Tour, yet not as high as the RocketFuel graphite.  Results were slightly shorter (few yards) than the RocketFuel graphite.  Again, ball flight was very straight with little movement left or right.  Overall, performance was similar to the KBS, just a higher ball flight.

Shaft Testing: KBS shaft

The KBS Tour provided the best opportunity to control ball flight.  The specs tested with the KBS Tour included a stiff flex with 1.3 degrees of torque.  In addition, the KBS Tour weighs 120-130 grams and designed to produce a mid trajectory.  The KBS Tour shaft produced the most inconsistent results in regards to misses.  However, the misses were extremely minor, nothing off target by more than 10 yards.  The RocketBladez iron feels effortless even with a poor swing.  The highlight of the KBS Tour is the ability to control trajectory, however, it sacrificed distance in comparison to the RocketFuel shafts.  The KBS Tour is a custom shaft option for the RocketBladez irons.


The RocketBladez iron feels very solid in address and throughout the swing.  The iron weighs in with a D2.5 swing weight.  Impact produces a soft and smooth feeling across the entire club face.  In fact, the ball jumps off the face with the addition of the speed pocket.  Vibration is also dampened thanks to the polyurethane inserted into the speed pocket.  Overall, the club feels great and is super forgiving.


So how do you improve on a great set of RBZ irons a year later?  You make them RocketBallzier.  Golfers of all ability levels will enjoy the solid appearance, forgiveness and distance of the RocketBladez irons.  The RocketBladez should appeal to players of all ability levels since they are so easy to hit.  Low handicap players will see more distance and accuracy, while a high handicap player will really benefit from their forgiveness.  They are easily one of the longest irons available and retail for $799.99 in steel and $899.99 with a graphite shaft.  Combine great performance at an affordable price and TaylorMade has a winner with these irons.


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  1. Your review of RocketBladeZ irons is very helpful. I went to Dick’s and Golf Galaxy. Every iron in a set has its own serial number on its hosel. The number varies with irons. TM’s FAQ site says there is one serial number on 7 iron only and none on the other irons. Is this site outdated or are Dick’s and GG selling irons from one set or several sets? Or do they order individual irons to make a set (although unlikely)? Could you shed some lights on the serial numbers?

  2. I agree with Arnold Palmer, CRAP STUFF, as a high handicapper and spending all kinds of money getting fitted for clubs they advertise to lower your scores its a bunch of crap, i was using G5 black dot pings before i purharsed the taylormade rocketbladez and shooting in the low 80’s, best scoer 79, and have not broke 85 in over a year now using the the new fitted taylormade rocketbladez. (CRAP STUFF)

    • sad to hear the negative commentsI swing speed increase to 8 miles an hourI carry a 7 iron 193 yards I’m a mid handicapper it took me time to get used to the distance be patient and practice

  3. Come on T/M answer the question everybody is asking
    Are your Rocketbladez irons all marked with different
    serial numbers and.if yes why

  4. Great iron! Longer, straighter and most comfortable feeling iron I have ever owned. For the price you cannot beat this club!

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