TaylorMade Rescue 11 Review

TaylorMade Rescue 11 Review

Hi everyone – thanks for stopping by. This morning we are reviewing the TaylorMade Rescue 11. This club is very adjustable and stands out with TaylorMade’s white club head. Don’t forget, we love to hear reader’s feedback and encourage you to let us know your thoughts below. Here’s our take on the TaylorMade Rescue 11.

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Everyone has something to say about the all white club head of TaylorMade’s product line. It has been a great marketing strategy to set their product apart from the competition. I have heard many people say, “I can’t look down at this all white club head.” If this is what you are focused on, you are probably doomed to hit a poor shot anyway. Yes its different, but it shouldn’t affect performance one bit. The black clubface really does a nice job of framing the club in the address position. In addition, the black clubface and white crown make alignment fairly easy.

The TaylorMade Rescue 11 provides a traditional hybrid appearance. Players will feel confident they can hit a good shot. The Flight Control Technology of the Rescue 11 allows for a 4 degree face angle change which is noticeable at address. The club looks sharp, I’ll rate it 10 out of 10.


The trend in golf equipment these days is adjustable technology. The TaylorMade Rescue 11 is loaded with Flight Control Technology to help you hit the ball farther and straighter. The Rescue 11 allows you to alter loft by + or – 1 degree. There is a possible eight different combinations to alter ball flight.

The 18 degree Rescue 11 contains a deep face and lower center of gravity to get the ball up in the air. The neutral setting provides a high ball flight. Searching for more distance and spin, I added a degree of loft which increased ball flight and carry distance. My natural ball flight is straight to slight fade and I found it easy to replicate my normal shot pattern. However, I found it difficult to turn the ball over and produce a draw. Decreasing loft produced more of a consistent fade, which might be beneficial for someone who fights turning the ball over. The Rescue 11 does a nice job of hitting from any lie, including digging the ball out of the rough. With all the different options available for the Rescue 11, it rates in at 9 out of 10 in terms of performance.


The TaylorMade Rescue 11 has a nice weighting associated with the club. Personally, I prefer a slightly heavier feel to a club, and the Rescue 11 weighs in with a swing weight of D4. The weighting makes it easy to feel where the club head is throughout the entire swing. Impact has a solid feel and provides solid feedback even on off center hits. I rate the club 9 out of 10 in terms of feel.


The TaylorMade Rescue 11 is a versatile hybrid that will provide players many different options. Players can be creative and even play an effective bump and run shot around the greens with the Rescue 11. The Flight Control Technology is invaluable for those searching to control ball flight. The cost is slightly higher than some of the competition at $189, however, there are many competitors that come in much higher. The Rescue 11 has a solid price point and is fairly easy to hit. It rates in at 9 out of 10 in terms of overall value.

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