TaylorMade ATV Wedge Review

TaylorMade ATV Wedge Review

Hi everyone – its review time once again. Today we will be looking at the TaylorMade ATV, a versatile wedge that preforms well in a variety of different lies.

Taylormade ATV

The TaylorMade ATV wedge differs slightly from a traditional wedge appearance.  The ATV features a sharp satin finish that is common among many wedges.  There is a black and red stripe through the TaylorMade logo on the back of the club face.  In addition, it features a milled groove design and micro-texture across the club face to generate more spin.  The most unique feature of the ATV is the wider sole.  Low handicap players might be scared away from the sight of the wide sole.  However, the sole is designed to handle a multitude of shots and interact with turf, rough, and sand.  Overall, the finish looks really good and the ATV wedge looks relatively easy to hit.  The appearance rates 8 out of 10.


I tested a 56 degree TaylorMade ATV wedge with a stock KBS Tour shaft.  The ATV stands for All-Terrain Versatility, and that is exactly how the club performs.  Most wedges force you to focus on a few strengths and sacrifice a few other areas.  For example, some wedges perform better from the sand or allow you to hit flop shots with ease.  TaylorMade designed the ATV to excel from a variety of shots including chips, pitches, flop shots, bunkers, full swings from the fairway, rough, and tight lies.  The bounce on the club can be manipulated depending on how you position the club head and face in your set up. The ATV allows you to control the distance and trajectory from a variety of shots.  The club performs well from bunkers and flop shots around the green.  Overall, the club is very versatile and rates 9 out of 10.


Feel is one of the most important factors when purchasing a wedge.  The ATV performs great from a variety of lies.  The 56 degree ATV wedge has a heavier swing weight of D4.  The heavier weight makes it easy to feel the club throughout the swing and loft the ball in the air around the green.  I particularly enjoyed the full and half wedge shots from 50 – 90 yards from the hole.  The club felt smooth from tight lies in the fairway or thick rough.  In addition, the ATV does a nice job of checking quickly on the green.  Overall, the ATV is a very solid and versatile wedge and rates 9 out of 10.  


The TaylorMade ATV is priced directly in line with the other major companies at $119.99.  The ATV will appeal to players of all ability levels with such a diverse variety of shots. Due to the excellent performance and standard price the ATV should garner a great response from golfers and rates 9 out of 10.

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