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Singh When You’re Winning

In Golf Buzz by Bobby Hennigan1 Comment

Well, the verdict is finally in.
The accused: Vijay Singh, his golf career hanging in the balance.
The accusation: That he used Deer Antler Spray, which contains the Human Growth Hormone IGF-1, in order to boost his performance.  Performance Enhancing Drugs in Golf, you ask? Indeed.
The decision: Singh has been cleared of any wrong-doing.
Why? Well, it seems IGF-1 really needs to be …

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Singhing in the Rain, Deer!

In Golf News And Rumors by Bobby Hennigan3 Comments

This Vijay Singh/Deer Antler Spray business really is a hack comedian’s dream come true i.e. my dream come true. I could write an article without puns and drum rolls, but where’s the fawn in that!?
For those of you who didn’t already know, Deer Antler Spray is a product marketed by a Florida-based group called S.W.A.T.S., which stands for “Sports With …