Swaying Too Much in Golf: A Swing Dilemma

Do you have too much lateral movement in your golf swing? Find out what Reddit golfers think in this insightful post!

Reddit users discuss the issue of swaying too much in golf swings and offer a range of opinions and advice on how to improve.


  • Adjust wrist hinge for irons
  • Focus on stabilizing ball connection
  • Consider lead knee position
  • Work on hand-body coordination
  • Sway or No Sway?

    Some users believe excessive lateral movement is a problem, recommending changes in grip, stance, and swing length to address it.

    Swing Mechanics

    Others think the key lies in the sequence of movements and the synchronization of hands and body during the swing.

    Camera Perspectives

    Camera angles can sometimes deceive, leading to differing opinions on whether swaying is actually occurring based on the visual evidence.