Super Bowl Champions and Passing Plays Percentage Insights

Discover how Super Bowl champions passed the ball in the regular season. Surprising trends and hall of fame quarterbacks revealed!

What percentage of plays did Super Bowl champions pass the ball in the regular season? Let’s dive into the data to uncover some surprising insights.


  • The 1970 Colts were the first team to pass more than they ran, indicating a weak run game.
  • The Mel Blount Rule significantly changed passing game dynamics in 1978-79.
  • Notable quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame were part of low pass percentage teams.

Dolphins Strategy

Quasimdo humorously questions the Dolphins’ decision to pass when Larry Csonka’s hand-off worked so well.

Historical Observations

TheSpectreWithin points out intriguing facts, like the pass-run ratio shift and the QBs in the Hall of Fame.

Nostalgic Reactions

oftenevil and boomosaur express amazement and humor about the historical trends in passing plays in the NFL.

Modern Game Evolution

guest_from_Europe and bakercooker reflect on the evolution of the game, highlighting changes in passing strategies over the years.