Struggling with Your Driver Swing? Here’s What Reddit Golfers Suggest

When your driver swing is a mess, Reddit golfers share their tips for improvement.

Reddit user TittyClapper seeks advice on his messy driver swing, causing him frustration on the course. Here’s a look at the community’s recommendations for improving his game.


  • Consider using woods/hybrids or long irons while working on your driver swing.
  • Practice good tempo and ensure the clubface is square during setup.
  • Take lessons to analyze your swing data and identify areas for improvement.

Insights on Woods/Hybrids vs. Driver

Reddit user jshultz5259 suggests using other clubs you’re comfortable with until you fix your driver swing: “If your other clubs are good, stick with those for now.” Recognizing your strengths can build confidence and save strokes on the course.

Importance of Tempo and Setup

chiefskingdom1958 highlights the significance of tempo: “Slow down and close the face.” Finding the right balance between power and control can lead to better results off the tee. Additionally, desert_degen emphasizes the impact of a square clubface during setup, as improper alignment can lead to inconsistent shots.

Benefit of Golf Lessons

codemunki stresses the value of professional guidance: “Get a lesson. A pro can help you figure it out quickly.” A trained eye can identify swing flaws and provide personalized solutions for improvement.

These insightful perspectives offer actionable advice for TittyClapper and golfers struggling with their driver swings. Whether it’s adjusting your setup, seeking professional instruction, or using alternative clubs, there are various strategies to help you find success off the tee.