Struggling with Yoga Poses: Advice from Experienced Yogis

Yoga struggle is real! Find out how experienced yogis offer help and advice for mastering those difficult poses.

Grumpymomoo has been struggling with yoga poses for almost eight months, seeking advice on how to improve. Here’s a look at what Reddit’s yoga community had to say:


  • Flexibility may be inherited, and progress takes time
  • Focus on lower back stretch, not just hamstrings
  • Consistent practice is key
  • Patience and acceptance of current limitations

Lakeeffectcpl on Flexibility

Flexibility, especially in the hamstrings, can be genetic, so blame your grandparents! Keep practicing to slowly improve.

Alien_invader44 on Stretch Technique

Focus on stretching your lower back rather than just the hamstrings. It takes time and practice to get into the desired pose.

hatemakingusername65 on Consistent Practice

Even short daily practices can yield results over time. Consistency is more important than duration.

desertsail912 on Progress

Progress in yoga can take years, as shared from a 15-year yoga veteran’s experience. Patience and dedication are key.