Struggling with Over the Top Swing in Golf? Here’s What Reddit Golfers Recommend

Dealing with constantly coming over the top in your golf swing? Reddit golfers share their insights and tips!

Reddit golfer beefroaster seeks advice for stopping the over the top move in his swing. Fellow Redditors chime in with tips and experiences.


  • Feeling over the top could result from improper weight shift and hip rotation.
  • Users suggest focusing on the right elbow position and hand movement.
  • Understanding power sources in the swing can help correct the over the top move.
  • Users emphasized the importance of finding individualized solutions.
  • Insights into the Over the Top Dilemma

    Struggling with an over the top move in the golf swing can be frustrating, as highlighted by beefroaster’s plea for help. Redditors offered diverse solutions, emphasizing the nuanced nature of this common issue in golf.

    Finding the Root Cause

    tee2green suggests a detailed approach, focusing on weight transfer and the sequential unwinding of hips and shoulders. This emphasis on proper motion sequencing aims to address the fundamental cause of the over the top move.

    Individualized Fixes

    SomeAd6354 underscores the importance of personal variations in swing feel. By highlighting the significance of tailored adjustments, Redditors promote a holistic approach to correcting the over the top move.

    Crafting a Consistent Motion

    WallyBarryJay’s bean bag analogy provides a vivid image to guide swing path corrections. This creative visualization technique offers a practical method for fostering a more consistent swing plane.