Struggling to Hit Long Irons in Golf? Here’s What Reddit Golfers Say

Discover why hitting long irons can be a challenge and explore Reddit golfer tips.

Struggling to hit long irons on the golf course can be a frustrating experience for many golfers. Let’s delve into what Reddit golfers have to say about this common issue.


  • Long irons require more skill and speed due to their lower loft.
  • Choking down on the grip can aid in hitting longer irons effectively.
  • Consider using hybrids or fairway woods if long irons continue to pose a challenge.

Golfer Feedback

Many Redditors suggested focusing on posture and technique adjustments to improve long iron strikes, emphasizing proper body alignment and spine angle. A user recommended seeking professional coaching to address swing flaws effectively.

Swing Mechanics

Another common suggestion was to engage the lower body and hips more in the swing to generate power, emphasizing the importance of clubhead speed for hitting long irons successfully.

Alternative Club Selection

Several golfers advocated for using hybrids or higher lofted clubs instead of struggling with long irons, highlighting the benefits of easier club contact and improved consistency.