Struggling to Find a Yoga Teacher for Private Lessons: What Am I Doing Wrong?

A 71-year-old male seeks yoga privates but faces rejection and ignorance. What’s the secret code for yoga teachers?

71-year-old man seeks private yoga lessons but faces rejection and ignorance from studios and teachers. How can he find the right match?


  • Seeking private yoga lessons as a 71-year-old male but facing challenges in finding a teacher
  • Feeling ignored and rejected by yoga studios and teachers
  • Questioning the etiquette and norms in the yoga community
  • Struggling to navigate the process of finding a suitable yoga teacher

Seeking Personalized Yoga Guidance

The user, a recreational archer, looks for private yoga sessions to improve his practice but encounters communication barriers with yoga studios and teachers. He feels disheartened by the lack of response and understanding from the yoga community, raising questions about inclusivity and professionalism.

Community Recommendations

Some users suggest exploring local classes to connect with teachers in person, emphasizing the importance of building rapport before requesting private sessions. Others highlight the challenges instructors face in offering private lessons and recommend seeking guidance through different channels.

Alternative Approaches

One user suggests considering a different perspective by incorporating archery into yoga practice, offering to provide guidance through online platforms. This unconventional approach sparks a conversation on blending practices and adapting to individual preferences.

The discussion showcases the diverse opinions and approaches within the yoga community, encouraging the user to explore alternative paths to fulfill his yoga journey. By navigating through different suggestions and insights, the user gains a broader perspective on personalizing his yoga experience and finding the right teacher.