Struggling to Align Knee with Hip in Yoga: Solutions and Tips

Discover why getting your knee directly above your hip in yoga can be tricky and how to improve it.

Markizaaa is having trouble aligning knee with hip in yoga poses. Finding out why and how to fix it can improve your practice.


  • Trouble aligning knee with hip may be due to skeletal structure.
  • A tight hip flexor could cause lateral movement in the knee.
  • Exercises like low lunge and prone hip extensions can help improve hip mobility.
  • Understanding core stability is essential for better alignment in yoga postures.

Reasons Behind Lateral Knee Movement

According to user honey-pb, lateral knee movement might be a result of your skeletal structure rather than just muscle tightness.

Improving Hip Mobility with Specific Exercises

User Exciting-Eye-5478 suggests focusing on exercises that open up the front of the hip, such as low lunge and prone hip extensions. Using a foam roller can also help release tension in the area.

Understanding the Impact of Different Muscles

User FitAppeal5693 highlights that various muscles in the hip, glute, and thigh area can affect the knee alignment. Providing more information about the specific discomfort can help tailor the solutions.

Addressing the root cause of your knee alignment issue in yoga can lead to a more fluid and pain-free practice. By incorporating targeted exercises and understanding the role of different muscles, you can work towards better alignment and mobility.