Strategies for Remembering Strategies in Pickleball

Struggling to apply strategies in your pickleball games? Get tips from players who battle the same forgetful instincts!

Ever found yourself forgetting to apply the strategies you practiced in your pickleball games? You’re not alone! Let’s dive into some tips shared by fellow players in the pickleball community.


  • Focus on one strategy goal at a time to build habits
  • Drill specific skills with a partner to make them instinctual
  • Avoid overthinking and maintain a routine for mental clarity


Having a drilling partner who can help you practice returns can turn strategies into muscle memory, making it easier to apply them during games.


Many players struggle with sticking to their game plan once play starts. Learning to curb instincts and play strategically requires focused practice and mental discipline.


Start with gradual improvement by focusing on one skill at a time and making it a habit before moving on to the next. Building habits ensures lasting change.


Repetitive drills and simplifying your thought process can help your body respond naturally to your commands, allowing you to make strategic decisions more effectively during gameplay.