Stephen F. Austin’s Return to the Southland: Fan Reactions

Stephen F. Austin’s return to the Southland conference sparked mixed reactions among fans. Dive into the Reddit comments to see what they had to say!

Stephen F. Austin announced their return to the Southland conference, stirring up mixed emotions among fans. Let’s dive into the Reddit comments to see how fans are reacting!


  • Fans are divided on the news of Stephen F. Austin’s return
  • Some see it as a long-expected move
  • Others express disappointment over the state of the WAC

Coinciding Views

One user remarks, ‘Make up your minds,’ capturing the indecision some fans feel about the move. On the flip side, there’s a sense of pride in Stephen F. Austin’s association with the University of Texas System, as another user points out.

Speculation Galore

Speculation runs rampant, with comments labeling the news as the ‘worst kept secret in college sports.’ Users discuss the financial implications and the timing of the decision, highlighting the complex nature of collegiate athletics.

A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Amidst the mixed reactions, there’s a somber tone as fans lament the perceived decline of the WAC. Some view this as a detrimental trend in college sports, underscoring the emotional attachment fans have to their teams and conferences.