Stay Warm This Winter With These Golf Attire Tips

As the cold weather fast approaches, now is the perfect time to get your winter golfing wardrobe ready for the big chill. As a Canadian, we know how to survive some of coldest golf outings Mother Nature can throw at you. From waterproofs to base layer clothing, there are a great range of golf clothing and accessories available to keep you warm and protected on the green/brown this season.  Ever golfed in snow? We have, and we’ll show you how best to keep warm in this post.

Base Layers
It is worth investing in great base layers that can keep you warm this winter. Along with helping to regulate your body temperature in cold temperatures, base layers will also help to enhance your performance on the course, helping to loosen up your muscles and unleash their power out on the course. Ever wonder why Gary Player always wore black, even when it was hot out? The answer was to keep his muscles warm. Base layers should be tight, but non-restrictive to maintain a free flowing swing. Plus take into account the fact you’re going to be adding more layers, which in fact is out next suggestion.

Add Layers
An inexpensive way of making the transition from summer to winter is simply by layering your clothing. Layer a golf jacket over your favourite shirt or golf jumper, and swap your golf shorts for a smarter (and warmer) pair of golf pants. Don’t be afraid to wear long underwear either, god knows I have. Sweaters, are also a must, and a stylish way to add warmth to any golf outfit. If you’re looking for an great online resource of golf sweaters – Function18 have a great range of golf sweaters, just check out the ‘jumpers’ section for more details.

Winter weather in the UK and across the southern USA (Arizona excluded) is sure to involve plenty of rain, so be sure to purchase protective waterproofs if you’re planning a game of golf throughout the winter season. Remember, waterproof is very different from water-resistant,  water-repelling or wicking fabric. Many golf clothing brands have incorporated a number of technical innovations to ensure you stay protected even when playing in the rain, utilising cutting-edge technical materials such as GORE-TEX® fabrics to ensure great breathability to keep you comfortable as you play, along with high level waterproof protection.

Hat and Gloves
Don’t let the colder weather conditions effect your feel on the course this winter! Gloves are likely one of the most important elements that are often overlooked in outerwear.  Don’t be afraid to bring the winter mitts to stay warm, as your fingers are the first to lose feeling when you get cold. Another important element is a hat or beanie (or toque for our Canadian readers).

These 2 key items will help retain body heat and keep your body well insulated. Specialist golfing gloves are available from many retailers, which include additional grips and non-slip grip designs to enhance your game.

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