Stanley Cup Destiny: Will It Fall into the Hands of the Underdogs?

Who will hoist the Stanley Cup this season? Reddit users debate their predictions and hopes for the underdog teams.

It’s playoff season in the NHL, and fans are buzzing about who will emerge victorious in the race for the Stanley Cup. The Reddit post titled ‘The Stanley Cup will be won by a team that’s either never won before (Panthers, Canucks), or by a team that’s waited 25+ years (Oilers 1990, Rangers 1994, Stars 1999)’ by user davopavolavo sparked a lively discussion among hockey enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the thread and see what fans are saying.


  • Fans are divided between rooting for underdog teams like the Panthers and Canucks or cheering for long-awaited champions like the Oilers and Rangers.
  • Some fans express their disappointment in teams that have waited just 25-34 years for a Stanley Cup win.
  • There is excitement surrounding the potential matchups, with many hoping for a Canucks/Rangers final.
  • The sentiment is mixed, with supporters of different teams sharing their hopes and predictions for the outcome.

Fan Excitement

Fans like ajslinger are thrilled to see Vancouver in the playoffs again, highlighting the team’s ability to make the postseason an exciting time for hockey enthusiasts. The anticipation of a strong playoff run adds to the excitement and energy surrounding the tournament.

Misinterpretations and Corrections

Some users, like Waramp, point out factual errors in the original post, highlighting the importance of accuracy when discussing historical moments in sports. While the sentiment is positive overall, ensuring accuracy is crucial in sports discussions.

Team Allegiances

Supporters like likeslululemon showcase their dedication to specific teams, expressing their full support for the Canucks and Rangers. The bond between fans and their favorite teams adds an emotional layer to the competition, making each game more meaningful for the supporters.

As the Stanley Cup playoffs progress, the passion and excitement among fans continue to grow. The dreams of underdog victories and the nostalgia of long-awaited championships fuel the discussion on Reddit and beyond. Who will ultimately claim the coveted Stanley Cup this season remains to be seen, but one thing is certain—the journey towards the championship will be filled with suspense, surprises, and unwavering fan support.