Srixon Releases Spin Skin

Howdy everyone – we got some breaking news coming out from Srixon today.  They recently released pictures of their new Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV balls with Spin Skin ($44.99) for 2013.  Expect them in stores August 8th.  This new ball has already had a ton of success on tour with 40 wins to date, and G-Mac is apparently even gaming this week at the British.  Here’s what Srixon has to say and some pictures of the new ball and their tech.  Enjoy!

The new 2013 Z-STAR series is the most technically advance tour performance golf ball we have ever developed.  The new Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV provides two distinct tour offerings that have been re-designed, re-calculated and re-formulated (that’s a lot of re’s) to produce the best balance of tour performance across all clubs in the bag.  The new Spin Skin is driven to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distnace and tee to green control.  The proprietary Spin Skin coating improves friction between the golf ball and the club by 20%, resulting in unmatched greenside performance offered by a tour ball.

ball-specs Spin-skin-technology

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